Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors

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Flavor Location Vendor
Buttered Lobster Maine Ben and Bill Chocolate Emporium
Buttermilk Arkansas Loblolly Creamery
Cayenne Chocolate Louisville Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen
Chai Idaho Toni Sun Valley Ice Cream Co
Champagne and Violette New Orleans The Creole Creamery
Goat Cheese Beet Swirl Denver Sweet Action Ice Cream
Lavender Honey Illinois Capannari Ice Cream
Maple Bacon Savannah River Street Sweets
Salted Caramel Orlando The Soda Fountain
Sweet Corn Arizona Sweet Republic
Ube Purple Yams Hawaii Dave's Ice Cream
Vanilla Gville SD
Vietnamese Coffee with Frosted Almonds and Peanut Butter Curry San Francisco Humphry Slocombe
Wasabi Pea Dust New York City Big Gay Ice Cream

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